Open Skate | Rat Hockey | Stick and Puck

All Open Skate, Rat Hockey, and Stick & Puck times are Open to the Public, but are subject to change or cancellation without any notice.

Open Skate

Kids and adults of all ages have fun skating and spending time with their friends and family!

Check out our Event Calendar here.

Open Skate Admission: $6
Skate Rental: $4

We have seal assistants for young skaters to push or ride on. You can rent one for $5.

Update: June 16th, 2020
We are pleased to announce the return of our Open Skate sessions! Please note: we are currently not renting seals, but we are still offering rental figure and hockey skates. Our Open Skate schedule is subject to change; times are listed below.

Monday-Friday 11-12:30PM, Saturday Cosmic Skate 5-6:30PM & Sunday 2-3:30PM

UPDATE: July 5th, 2020
Due to a hockey tournament this weekend, we will NOT have Open Skate or Rat Hockey on Friday, July 10th or Sunday, July 12th.

You can view our current weekend ice schedule here.

Please call our main office at 219-558-8811 if you have any questions.

Rat Hockey

Rat Hockey Admission: $10 – Full Equipment Required

Rat Hockey Rules and Etiquette
All skaters and parents (or guardians) are expected to be respectful towards each other and follow the policies listed below as well as general ice arena policies.

  1. All participants must sign in at the cashier both prior to entering the ice arena. Skaters must pay the $10 fee
  2. Goalies will be given free admission but must still sign in at the Main Office
  3. Men and Women’s rat hockey times are open to all players. Youth rat hockey is for ages 7-14. Proof of age may be asked for at any time.
  4. Full equipment is required for all participants. This includes: helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey pants, shin pads, skates, gloves, athletic cup. A full visor/cage, mouth guard, and neck guard is recommended.
  5. Rat hockey is intended for pick-up games to be played. If an individual does not wish to play a game, they may not control a net for practice.
  6. If there are not enough individuals for a game or a game is being played on half ice, the other net can be used for practice/skill development. Private hockey lessons are not permitted.
  7. Two nets will be provided during rat hockey times. No additional equipment or coaching tools are permitted.
  8. Participants are responsible for clearing the ice of pucks prior to the Zamboni taking the ice.
  9. There are no coaches or referees present during rat hockey times. Participants will organize games if interested and adhere to all conduct rules and regulations in this document and set by the ice arena.
  10. All players must exit the ice when the program is scheduled to end.
  11. All ice doors are to remain closed during the rat hockey session.
  12. Parents and spectators are not permitted in the player benches. Parents/spectators must view the session from the bleachers or lobby area
  13. All participants and spectators are expected to refrain from offensive and/or abusive behavior or language. Any actions or words deemed to be illegal, inappropriate and/or unsafe are not tolerated.
  14. Participants will refrain from the following: slapshots, checking, slashing, hooking, tripping, holding, cross checking, roughing, high sticking, fighting and unsportsmanlike conduct.
  15. All session times are subject to change. Reasonable notice of changes will be posted when possible.
  16. Violation of these policies will result in disciplinary action up to and including ejection and suspension from the rat hockey program.

Stick & Puck

Stick & Puck Admission: $10 – Full Equipment Required

Stick & Puck is an opportunity for you to practice your skills in an open ice environment. No games are allowed during Stick & Puck.

Stick & Puck Rules:

  1. No Scrimmages
  2. No Organized Practices
  3. No Slap Shots
  4. All Sections of Ice and Nets are Open to Everyone
  5. Must have Full Gear of Your Own –  Rink cannot provide.
  6. All Players Must Supply Their Own Pucks

Ice Schedule

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