Learn to Skate

We offer a variety of classes for students ages 3 and up. Each level progressively introduces skills so they can be mastered at your own pace. At the end of every other month, skaters are given an evaluation of skills mastered and a recommended level for advancement. All classes follow Learn to Skate USA standards.

Our classes have Open Enrollment. New students are eligible for one free trial class. Register online HERE.


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All of our standard Learn to Skate classes are $80/month plus a $25 annual registration fee. Skate rental is included. Specialty classes (Homeschool, Power & Off Ice) have their fee listed in the class description. Additional Learn to Skate details are listed below the class descriptions.

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Midwest follows Learn to Skate USA standards for all skating classes. Register at the link below!

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LTS Class Descriptions

Tots / Basic 1

Ages 3-12yrs

Thurs. 5:00-5:45pm, Sat. 9:05-9:50am

Our tots beginner class is for young first time skaters. Recommended ages are 3-5 years old. Emphasis is on the proper way of falling down and getting up, balance, marching, and gliding. Students will learn the basics of skating in a fun introductory class.

Basic 2

Ages 5 & Up

Thurs. 5:00-5:45pm, Sat. 9:05-9:50am

Our Basic 1/2 class is the entry level class for aspiring skaters ages 6 and up. Skaters learn the basics of forward & backward skating including swizzles, gliding, scooter pushes & snowplow stops.

Basic 3/4

Prerequisite: Basic 2

Thurs. 5:00-5:45pm, Sat. 9:05-9:50am

The focus of our Basic 3/4 class is on the development of forward stroking, forward crossovers, two-foot turns and backward pumps. Skaters also gain a better understanding of outside and inside edges as they continue to develop their skill set.

Basic 5

Prerequisite: Basic 4

Thurs. 5:00-5:45pm, Sat. 8:20-9:05am

Our Basic 5 class focuses on the development of backward crossovers and forward outside 3-turns. Additionally, skaters continue to work on developing longer extensions & gaining more power throughout their skills.

Basic 6

Prerequisite: Basic 5

Thurs. 5:00-5:45pm, Sat. 8:20-9:05am

Basic 6 is the culmination of our Basic Skills program. New skills introduced at this level include forward inside 3-turns, backward stroking and spirals. Before advancing into Pre Free Skate, skaters are expected to be proficient with all of the skills learned in Basic 1-6.

Pre Free Skate

Prerequisite: Basic 6

Thurs. 5:00-5:45pm, Sat. 8:20-9:05am

Pre Free Skate is the introductory level in our Free Skate program. In this class, skaters will work on forward outside and inside edges, mohawks and develop entry level jumps and spins.

Free Skate 1-3

Prerequisite: Pre Free Skate

Thurs. 5:00-5:45pm, Sat. 8:20-9:05am

Free Skate 1-3 focuses on the initial development of free skating skills. Skaters learn a variety of jumps starting with the waltz jump and progressing through the loop jump. Forward & backward upright spins are taught with various entries and  exercises. In addition to jumps and spins, skaters will learn a variety of footwork and  connecting steps.

Free Skate 4-6

Prerequisite: Free Skate 3

Thurs. 5:00-5:45pm, Sat. 8:20-9:05am

Free Skate 4-6 continues to develop students into well-rounded skaters. All single rotation jumps are taught culminating with the axel! Skaters work on all basic spin positions (upright, sit & camel) along with a variety of challenging variations. The skating skills taught in our Free Skate program give skaters a solid foundation as they progress through this sport.


Ages 16 & Up - All Levels

Saturday 9:05-9:50am

You're never too old learn how to skate! Our Teen/Adult skating class is open for all levels of skating. Skills are progressively introduced so they can be mastered at your own pace.

Homeschool Skating

Ages 3-18yrs - All Levels

Monday 10-10:45am

Our Homeschool Skating class is for girls and boys ages 3-18yrs. Skaters are split into three groups based on their skills and ages. New skaters begin with the basics of skating (how to safely get up/fall down, marching, gliding, simple forward and backward skills etc...) As skaters progress, they learn stroking, forward and backward crossovers, 3-turns, transitions; eventually mastering jumps and spins!

After class ends at 11:45am, skaters are encouraged to practice their skills for the remainder of Open Skate till 12:30pm. Skate rental and practice time are included in the cost.

$55/month + annual $25 registration fee

Power Skating

Prerequisite: Basic 5 / Free Skate 1

High Power Mon. 6:30-7am

This 30 minute skating class focuses on increasing the skater's speed, edge work, stamina, and balance while developing fundamental skating skills.

Our Mid/High Level Power Class meets Mondays and 6:30-7AM during Contract Ice. The recommended level range for this class is Free Skate 1 through 6.

$55/month + annual $25 registration fee

Jumps Off Ice Training

Prerequisite: Basic 5

*This class resumes in June

Strengthen your agility and off ice jumps! After a dynamic warm up, skaters will work on jump exercises in the gym on the springboard floor! Emphasis will be on practicing proper alignment while getting in plenty of jump repetitions. The springboard floor is a great tool to help skaters build confidence while learning new jumps!

Please note, the cost listed below is for ONE class per week. Skaters must choose to attend on Monday OR Saturday. Classes will be run similar on both days so there is no level difference per day.

$30/month + annual $25 registration fee

Learn to Skate Information

Enrollment & Fees

All LTS Classes have Open Enrollment, you may register for classes at any time.

$80/Monthly Tuition + annual $25 registration fee.

There are NO REFUNDS or CREDITS on any programs.

Make-up Class Policy

Skaters are allowed 1 make-up class, per month. Make-up classes should be scheduled at least 24hrs in advance. Make-ups can be scheduled through the main office or by contacting the skating director.

Dress Code

Please dress your skater in layers that are warm, comfortable, and allow freedom of movement. Mittens or gloves are mandatory for all skaters. Helmets are suggested for skaters 5 & under. The helmet should cover the back of the head. Skate rental is included within the class cost. No double-runner skates allowed.