Open Gym Attire

Please be reminded of the proper attire for Open Gym, i.e., no jeans, pants with belts, buckles, or rhinestones. You MUST have SOCKS or GYMNASTICS SLIPPERS ON to participate in Open Gym. NO BAREFEET. Socks will be available for purchase. For purposes of Modesty, T Shirts Must be worn. T Shirts will be available for purchase. More rules and policies are listed below.

Fees and Schedule

Online pre-registration is REQUIRED for all participants. Schedule is subject to change without notice. Please view our Event Calendar for updated times or cancellation of Open Gym times.

Member Admission: $15
Non-Member Admission: $20

*To receive member prices, you must be actively enrolled in classes at Midwest.

Open Gym Schedule

DYER Monday & Thursday Preschool Open Gym
11-12pm | Walking to 6yrs | $10/Member or $12/Non-Member

DYER Friday Night Open Gym
8-10pm | Ages 6+ | $15/Member or $20/Non-Member

CP Friday Night Open Gym
8-10pm | Ages 6+ | $15/Member or $20/Non-Member

DYER Parkour Open Gym
Mondays 6-8pm
$10/Member or $12/Non-Member

Preschool Open Gym

Preschool open gyms are a wonderful time to introduce your children to the gym, show you things they have learned in classes, or just let them expend some energy. Non-members will need to fill out a waiver form and children ages 6 and under must have an adult present during their time at open gym.

Overall, this is a great opportunity for your child to come and play on all the equipment in the gym. Coaches will be present to supervise all activities and educate proper equipment use. This is a constructive way to start your weekend fun!

Open Gym Rules & Polices

  1. Pre-Registration is required online at This will guarantee your spot since we are currently holding open gyms at a limited capacity. You can still pay at the door when you arrive for open gym.
  2. If you are not pre-registered and listed on "class roster" for that specific day/time - you will be  asked to step out of line to complete your registration


  1. Children under 6 years old, must attend designated Preschool Open Gym times.
  2. Gymnasts are not permitted on any apparatus without a staff member.

  3. Everyone must sign in and pay before entering the gym. *MUST PREREGISTER ONLINE

  4. A legal guardian or parent must fill out a waiver form before you can participate.*MUST PREREGISTER ONLINE

  5. NO JEANS or you will not be able to onto the gym floor.

  6. For purposes of Modesty, T Shirts Must be worn. T Shirts will be available for purchase

  7. Treat all other participants with respect, the same way you would like to be treated. This is the golden rule! Follow it at all times!

  8. No fighting, mock fighting, wrestling or sparing during open gym. There are too many people here to allow this type of behavior.

  9. No gum chewing or food allowed in the gym area.

  10. Respect the traffic lanes.

  11. Each mat and piece of equipment should be treated with the same respect as crossing a street in busy traffic.

  12. What do you do when crossing a street? Look both ways then precede with caution! This goes double for the spring floors!

  13. Look at all four corners before crossing into the floor space.

  14. One person on each piece of equipment at a time! Especially on the trampolines! Wait your turn; each turn should be no longer than 10 bounces or 10 skills. Be polite and considerate of others waiting for their turns; if someone is being a 'Tramp Hog' get one of the staff to give this person a warning.

  15. Work within your abilities. If you are unsure of a skill or doubtful, ask a staff member for help.

  16. Use proper mat judgement. Make sure you have adequate mat space when attempting new skills. If you are using a high bar, high rings, or women's uneven bars, you should have an additional 4inch or 8inch mat under the equipment.

  17. Use common sense when getting down from a piece of equipment! Especially the trampolines! Do not jump off of the trampolines! Please stop your bounce before walking off of the tramp surface. Bouncing on and off of the tramp can lead to dangerous accidents.

  18. NO DOUBLE BOUNCING! Two people are not allowed on the trampoline at the same time. Double bouncing or 'sending' is potentially dangerous. This behavior will lead to an immediate time out.

  19. Respect the trampoline boundaries. Do not crowd the surface or sit on the spring pads.

  20. When waiting for the in-ground tramps, sit with your back against the wall.

  21. When waiting for the competitive tramps, please sit as far back on the end decks as you can. People make mistakes the pads and end decks are there for the protection of the trampolinist, not as a convenient waiting area.

  22. Enter the pit feet first whenever possible. The pit is a fun way to learn new skills. It is not fool proof. You can be injured by improperly entering the pit. Always attempt to land feet first, if you are unable to land feet first, attempt to land on your butt, back or side. Never belly flop or dive head first into the pit. Severe injuries can result from improper pit entry.

  23. Make sure the pit is CLEAR before entering. Do not attempt to dive bomb or land on another participant. This behavior will lead to an immediate time out.

  24. Get out of the pit quickly. Others are waiting their turn; do not hog the pit by lying in the foam or horsing around. Be courteous to others, the quicker you get out of the pit, the sooner you get another turn.

  25. Breaking the rules will lead to a verbal warning; a second verbal warning will be given with a time out. A third warning is grounds for removal from open gym.

  26. Bring your friends to a fun and safe environment. Jump, play, and just have fun! See you at OPEN GYM!