Open Gym Registration

Online pre-registration is REQUIRED for all participants. Please follow the steps listed in the image above. Schedule is subject to change without notice. Please view our Event Calendar for updated times or cancellation of Open Gym times.

To receive member prices, you must be actively enrolled in classes at Midwest.

Open Gym Dress Code

Not being able to follow the approved dress code will result in removal from Open Gym.

APPROVED: T-shirts, shorts, leggings, leotards, and socks

NOT APPROVED: Crop tops, sport bra tops, thin-strapped tank tops, jeans, hats, dangling jewelry, any clothing with zippers and buttons

Open Gym Fees & Schedule

DYER Monday & Thursday Preschool Open Gym
11am-12pm | Walking to 6yrs
$10/Member or $12/Non-Member
*Students currently enrolled in a Preschool Gymnastics class receive FREE admission to our Preschool Open Gym sessions.

DYER Friday Night Open Gym
8pm-10pm | Ages 6+
$12/Member or $15/Non-Member

CP Friday Night Open Gym
8pm-10pm | Ages 6+
$12/Member or $15/Non-Member

Preschool Open Gym

Preschool open gyms are a wonderful time to introduce your children to the gym, show you things they have learned in classes, or just let them expend some energy. Children ages 6 and under must have an adult present during their time at open gym.

Overall, this is a great opportunity for your child to come and play on all the equipment in the gym. Coaches will be present to supervise all activities and educate proper equipment use.

Open Gym Rules & Polices

Failure to be able to follow these rules and policies listed below will result in removal from open gym.

  1. Cell phone use for photography and video is prohibited.

  2. All participants must have a wristband on to participate in Open Gym.

  3. All personal belongings must be placed in cubbies.

  4. Bathrooms are NOT for hanging out!

  5. You MUST enter and exit in the designated areas! NO hopping over the walls.

  6. Parents are NOT allowed on the gym floor unless they are accompanying a child under the age of 6 years old during Preschool Open Gym time ONLY!

  7. NO cursing or using any foul language to anyone!

  8. NO hard play! This includes; fighting, fake fighting, wrestling, pushing and shoving.

  9. Keep your hands to yourself.

  10. NO gum chewing or food is allowed on the gym floor area.

  11. NO cutting in lines! Must take turns at all events.

  12. NO running throughout the facility; this includes in the gym, lobby, and bathrooms.

  13. ONLY one person is allowed on trampoline and NO jumping from one trampoline to another.

  14. NO other equipment; such as balls, hockey sticks, etc... are allowed on the gym floor.

  15. PIT RULES: You MUST enter the pit feet first and make sure the pit is clear before entering.

  16. NO doubles or triples are allowed to be practiced in the pit or on the trampolines.

  17. Equipment may only be moved from a coach anywhere on the gym floor.

  18. Treat all participants with respect and the same way you would like to be treated.