3 Benefits of Playing Hockey

Mite Hockey Practice
Hockey players keep active, learn life lessons, and create fun memories which will last them a lifetime!

There are so many benefits for kids involved in sports! Here are three reasons you should enroll your athlete in hockey!

1: Fitness / Keeping Your Child Active
Learning to skate requires balance and coordination. Hockey players work hard to improve their power and agility as they skate across the ice. It’s an excellent cardio & lower body workout!

2: Character Development
When you fall during a practice or game, you learn to get up quick and try again! Hockey is a challenging sport; it takes a lot of effort, patience, and mental toughness to succeed. Kids develop determination and perseverance as a result of their training. Hockey provides many opportunities for character development which can help kids overcome challenges they face outside of the rink.

3: Life Lessons
Sports come with achievements of success and moments of defeat. There’s always something you can learn in any situation. When you fall short of your goal, you learn how to improve and better yourself for next time. Hockey teammates support each other and work together. No matter how difficult or frustrating the circumstances are, you have to be respectful of each other, your coaches, parents, and the referee. Hockey teaches kids these life lessons at a young age which helps them grow into mature young adults.

Do you know someone interested in hockey? Midwest’s Developmental Hockey program has open enrollment! For more information, please check out our website: www.midwesttrainingandice.com