Blackbirds Learn to Play Adult Hockey League

MTIC offers adult hockey leagues for both recreational and competitive players ages 18 and older. The 30 and Over “Draft League” consists of teams drafted as evenly as possible with most games played on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings. The “B” and “C” leagues allow for both team and individual entry, with the “B” league being the most competitive. “B” and “C” league games are typically played on Sunday evenings and weeknights. All players must be registered with USA Hockey prior to playing in any league at Midwest. For more information, or to be placed on a team, please contact Zack Kane at

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Blackbirds Learn to Play Adult Hockey League Rules

We play under USA Hockey Standard of Play, meaning we use and enforce the USA Hockey Rule Book. We modify the rules as we see fit by our league and address them accordingly.

Game Time

  • Each game will begin with a 5 minute warm up starting at the designated starting time.  Games will consist of three 15 minute periods, stop time.  In the event there is no scorekeeper, games will consist of three 22 minute running time periods.
  • The clock shall become running time if the score differential reaches 5 or more goals in the 3rd period.  If the differential becomes less than 5 minutes, the clock will go back to stop time.  Once a game reaches running time, the game clock will only stop for injuries.
  • There will be a 2 minute intermission between periods.
  • Each team will be allowed one 30 second time out per game.
  • In the event of a regular season tie, all league games will be determined but a 3 man shoot out.  If the score is still tied after the 3 man shoot out, a sudden death shootout will determine the winner.
  • All players/teams must have their fees paid or a payment option set up prior to playing in the league. 
  • All players must check in and sign the score sheet prior to every game. The game will not begin until all players have checked in.  The referee may assess a delay of game penalty for any players not signed in prior to the start of each game. 


  • 50% Deposit is due prior to the 1st game, balance is due by the 3rd Game.
  • Teams or Individuals with a balance at the 3rd game will not be allowed to play.

Offsides & Icing

  • Blue line icing will apply to all leagues.
  • Automatic icing will apply to all leagues.
  • Tag Up offsides will apply to all leagues.


  • Each team may roster up to 20 players.  Rosters are due on your first game and frozen after 4 games.
  • Players are playoff eligible after their 4th game played.
  • Substitute players are allowed as long as roster space permits (B & C League Only)
  • All players must be over 18 and out of High School eligibility to participate in the MAHL.
  • C1 League rosters are open to all age eligible players regardless of highest playing level.
  • C2 League rosters are open to all C level players.  Teams are allowed to roster up to 3 B level players. Current Junior or College level players are not allowed in the C2 Division. The Hockey Director will have the final decision on who is or isn’t a B or higher level player.
  • Players may be rostered on one team only per league.

Penalties & Suspensions

  • 1st fight, suspension for remainder of that game plus automatic three game suspension.
  • 2nd fight, expelled from the league.  Player may return to the league pending Hockey Director’s discretion.
  • All games are NO CHECK.  Minor and/or major penalties may be assessed for intentional body contact.  Any player who is penalized twice for this infraction, in the same game, will be ejected from the game and subject to further discipline.
  • Any player who receives 5 penalties in a single game will be suspended for the remainder of the current game and suspended for the next scheduled game.
  • Any player who receives multiple Game Misconducts in a season may be suspended or expelled from the league at the Hockey Director’s discretion.
  • Referees may hand out a game ejection penalty which does not carry an additional suspension.
  • Physical and verbal abuse of officials will not be tolerated.  Any player found to be in abuse of any game official will be suspended immediately and subject to further discipline, as deemed necessary,  by the Hockey Director. 

Adult Hockey Clinic

Adult Learn to Play class is ideal for anyone interested in learning the game of ice hockey. Proper skating, stick handling, passing, and shooting skills will be emphasized in each class. Each class consists of 45-60 minutes of skill development drills and 30-45 minutes of scrimmage time. Limited equipment is available if needed.

Schedule: Fridays at 10:25PM        

Fees: Admission is $20.

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