Dyer Gym Camps

Summer Camps start June 12th

Summer Day Camps 2019
Summer Warrior Camp Series 2019

Summer Day Camps

Wednesdays 9AM-12PM

NEW Themes & Popular Favorites for our 2019 Summer Camp Series

June 12 - Nerf Olympics | Join us as we kick off summer vacation Nerf style! Midwest is hosting the Nerf Olympics. While jumping & tumbling in the gym you will test your Nerf skills on some really tough challenges. Kids will make a Nerf craft and refuel with a snack! Nerf products will be supplied at the camp for everyone's use!

June 19 - Toy Story Mania | Woody, Buzz and Jessie are excited for their Toy Story 4 premier! Let’s join them on their road trip to find some fun! We will fly on trampolines like Buzz, be smart like Jessie as we work our way though obstacles and be leaders like Woody as we take turns leading our groups throughout the gym. We are going to create our own new characters, like Bonnie did with “Forky” and have a refreshing snack!

June 26 - Slimetastic Party in the USA | Let’s get SLIMED! Everyone is going to make their own batch of patriotic slime to take home. In the gym we will test our skills & strength on the bars and balance beams. We will soar on the trampolines and challenge ourselves on the obstacles on the floor. We will take a break and energize ourselves with a snack!

July 10 - Princesses & Superheroes | Are you ready to show off your fairy tale magic and superhero powers? Our superheroes will save the day and the princesses will enchant the kingdom through many activities & obstacles in the gym. Princesses will make their own necklace and our superheroes will be making their own superpower craft and enjoy a delicious snack! ALSO - Don’t miss out on the chance to meet our SURPRISE guests!

July 17 - Splashtastic Water Bonanza | Make a splash with some exciting water games and outdoor play! Bubbles, Frisbee, bottle flipping, everyone’s favorite Water Balloon Baseball, and much more! We will enjoy some refreshing popsicles and make a sand craft. Don’t forget your beach towel, sunglasses and sunscreen for this one!

July 24 - Midwest Ninja Warrior | Do you think you have what it takes to be the next Midwest Ninja Warrior? Come test your talents through the obstacle course of the year! We will be making our own Ninja Warrior headbands and trying to climb the rope and take on the warrior zone obstacles. Awards will be handed to all Midwest warriors at the end of camp!

July 31 - Summer Slammin Ice Scream Party | Let’s have a party to cheers to an awesome summer! Join us in the gym as we play everyone’s favorite games. Satisfy your sweet tooth at the Ice Cream Sundae Bar with so many toppings - it’s too many to list! We will be making personalized bookmarks to get ready for school!

Summer Day Camp Cost - Register for 2 camps & save 50% on your 3rd camp!
Midwest Members: Each Camp: $27 | Sibling Discount: $23
Non-Members: Each Camp: $30 | Sibling Discount: $25

Midwest Ninja Warrior Camps

Preschoolers at 9AM & School Age at 10:30AM

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June 17 - Midwest Ninja Warrior Kick Off Camp | Join us to start the summer with this BRAND NEW Ninja Warrior Camp Series. This camp will lead you into the world of Ninja Warrior/Parkour stunts! Each camp will have new challenges that will test your strength, coordination, focus and agility. Each camp will build overall fitness and teach skills that all Ninja Warriors need!

July 1 - Warrior Movement Challenge Camp | This camp will challenge your every move! You will test your skills and see how fast you can move through obstacles and warrior stunts. There are so many ways to move through obstacles in parkour! We can’t wait to see how you maneuver yourself through each challenge.

July 15 - Mega Warrior Obstacle Course Camp | Who is ready to take on the MEGA of all obstacles? You won’t believe your eyes when you see the challenges ahead of you! Come and test your skills as you work your way through these obstacles. We will test your speed and accuracy through the obstacles as you are always trying to find new and innovative ways to make it through the obstacles.

July 29 - Free Flying & Flipping Warrior Camp | Are you fast? This camp is going to work on your speed and flight! Test your free flying skills on the trampoline and in the pit! We will run through speed challenges and drills to increase your speed at each event! If you think you are fast now, wait until after this camp!

August 5 - Ultimate Midwest Warrior Challenge Camp | Did you make it through the summer? Join us as we close out our first summer Ninja Warrior Camp Series! We will challenge ourselves and test how far we have come this summer as we run through and recap all of the summer tests and challenges. Rope climbing, free flying, flipping, and speed are just some of the tests we will run though! YOU ARE A MIDWEST NINJA WARRIOR!

Midwest Ninja Warrior Camp Cost

Preschool | Ages 3-6 | Mondays 9:00AM-10:30AM
Midwest Members: Each Camp: $15 | Sibling Discount: $12
Non-Members: Each Camp: $18 | Sibling Discount: $16

School Age | Ages 6 & Up | Mondays 10:30AM-12:30PM
Midwest Members: Each Camp: $20 | Sibling Discount: $17
Non-Members: Each Camp: $23 | Sibling Discount: $21