Life Lessons Learned from Hockey – Register for Fall Season Now!

*Midwest is now enrolling for the Fall season. Enroll before July 31, 2019 and receive free admission to “Before the Puck Drops” pre-season skate times. Call (219)558-8811 to register today*

The common phrase “you learn something new every day” is true; especially for our children. Everyday is a new adventure for them as they are introduced to new ideas and skills that they will use the rest of their lives. Many of these ideas and skills can be taught by parents, but they can be practiced through sports. Here are some skills your child can learn and demonstrate while playing hockey:

Working with others: Playing hockey and being part of a team teaches you how to deal with other people and see their side. You also learn that your teammates may have great ideas and skills that you may not have. Working well with others is a great skill to have because sometimes you can’t do things on your own and need help, like playing a game of hockey.

Time Management: It is no secret that playing hockey, just like any other sport, can take up a lot of time. Between practice, games, travel, and only 24 hours in a day, time needs to be allocated to include things like homework, friends, and family. Creating a balance of all these things may be hard at first, but as your child continues they will learn how to manage their time. They may even become so good at it you start to question if they have more hours in a day than you do.

Being Supportive: Playing a team sport isn’t always about games and practice. You spend a lot of time with your teammates and need to know how to support each other. You learn how to cheer someone up and encourage them to try again. There may even be times where you distribute some positive feedback and criticisms in order to improve as a whole.

Following Directions: While playing sports you have to listen to your coaches in order to improve. In order to listen to what your coaches are saying you have to follow directions. A team can only work as a unit when they are all on the same page. If one person is off and doesn’t listen, it can result in a consequence for the entire team. In that case, following directions is something learned very quickly.

Achieving Goals: Having that hockey mentality teaches you to set goals. More importantly, it teaches you to tackle those goals one at a time. Biting off more than you can chew can set you back and be stressful. However, if you can focus on one thing at at time, like winning a game, you can achieve what you set out to do.

Knowing Yourself and Others: Picking out our strengths and weaknesses is often one of the hardest things we learn how to do. However, in hockey you don’t only need to pick out yours but your teammates as well. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of yourselves and those who surround you allow you to know when to step in and when to step back; a lesson that will eventually be transferred to the workplace.

By the time our kids graduate high school, thousands of lessons will have flooded their brain. The most memorable lessons are ones that were taught by application and repetition. These skills can be taught in the classroom, but are better applied on the ice.

*Midwest has begun Fall registration for hockey. Sign up before July 31, 2019 and receive free admission to “Before the Puck Drops” pre-season skate times. Call (219)558-8811 to register today!*

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