5 Reasons to Join a Competitive Dance Team

1. You’ll make friends for life!

Dance team friends make the best friends! You’ll laugh together, work together, build strong team bonds together and, ultimately, you’ll rely on each other as you dance together. The relationships built during dance team are the relationships you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

2. Competition is fun!

Its not just about getting on that stage for your dance, dance competitions are all about comradery, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, meeting new people, and experiencing this adventure with all of your closest dance team friends. Dance competitions make some of the most wonderful memories!

3. To build self-confidence

Performing with a dance team requires that you get on a stage – and perform! In practice, you learn to push your body to do things even you didn’t know you were capable of. On stage at performances and competitions, you learn to push yourself into the spotlight. Ultimately, it helps to build better skills in self-presentation, public speaking and generally strengthens self-esteem. On dance team, with the encouragement of your teammates and coaches, you learn that you can do so much more than you ever knew!

4. It takes you further in dance

Yes, you will get on a stage and perform, because dance is performance art! Dance is also fun, and builds coordination and flexibility, but dance is meant to be seen by others as an art form. Joining a competitive dance team allows you to take that art and present it to others as it was intended. Competitive dance also allows you continue learning and build your skill set further.

5. Dancers “turn out” better!

Pun intended! Not only do competitive dancers build physical skills (like better turn out), they also build life skills like discipline, team work, goal setting, and learning how to win and lose gracefully. Dance team is hard work – but hard work pays off! Competitive dancers learn how to work for their goals and work together with their team!

Considering joining a competitive dance team? Midwest Elite Dance Team offers the full dance team experience at a fraction of the cost of other dance studios. We accept students ages 5-18 from all levels, making us perfect for younger or older students – beginner or not!

Want to try it out? Call us to schedule a free trial class. We’re offering one free dance trial class to ALL students (currently and formerly enrolled) during the month of July. Call today to find out if dance team might be the right fit for you! (219) 662-8844

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