Private Lessons

Who can take private lessons?

Private lessons are available for skaters of all ages and experience levels. In order to participate in private lessons, figure skaters under Freestyle 5 must be enrolled continuously in one of our skating classes at Midwest. Hockey players also must be enrolled continuously in Midwest's hockey clinics and classes in order to take private lessons. 

Why are private lessons beneficial?

Private lessons offer skaters more personal attention and individualized instruction with a coach. They are a helpful supplement to the skater's group lessons and practice time.

How do you choose a coach?

For a listing and brief bio of our figure skating coaches, please refer to the back of our Learn to Skate brochure. If you know which coach you would like to work with you may contact them directly to schedule lessons. If you are unsure, please contact the Figure Skating Director (Stephanie Peters) or the Hockey Director (Zach Kane) to help you schedule lessons.

When can you take private lessons?

Figure skaters may take lessons during our Contract Ice (Freestyle) sessions. Hockey players may take lessons during our Stick & Puck sessions.

How do you pay for private lessons?

Skaters will need to pay Midwest the appropriate admission fees for ice time and skate rental. Skaters will also need to pay their coach directly for their private lessons. Coaching rates vary per instructor.

Additional Questions?

Please contact the Figure Skating or Hockey Director at 219-558-8811.