Midwest Elite Cheer

We strive to teach self-esteem, self-discipline, good sportsmanship, and teamwork to all our athletes in a safe and productive atmosphere. Being a member of a team requires hard work, dedication, and discipline from every team member. We want to work together with school cheerleading teams to improve both the school cheer teams as well as Midwest Elite.

Midwest Elite is still accepting members on all level teams! Boys & Girls ages 4 & Up. Call Coach Michelle at 219-558-8811 to schedule an evaluation!

Our teams are comprised of boys and girls, ages 5 and up. We encourage our athletes to participate in school cheer and other school activities and get the most out of their school experience! Athletes are always expected to keep up with practice times, homework, jobs, etc. Please realize the importance of teamwork in our sport of competitive cheerleading. Dedication, loyalty and commitment to Midwest Elite are the most importance qualities for team members and parents.